Dr Nasah South Wing, Dipple Medical Centre


If you are thinking of calling your GP this week please remember this:

  • We can't do prescriptions early or give you more "just in case". The pharmacies are struggling already and you don't want them to be like the supermarkets.
  • We can't give you an inhaler "just in case" even though you had one 5 years ago when you had a bad cough. It is scary but a lot of people really need these inhalers and if they are given "just in case" there may not be enough for those who really need them.
  • We can't give you Paracetamol on prescription just because you can't buy it over the counter.
  • We can't advise you whether you should or shouldn't self-isolate if you are at risk. We have a considerable number of patients so please follow the government guidance. We can't tell you anything different.
  • If you are due to have a routine appointment and it is cancelled, try and understand the unprecendented strain we are working under.
  • Every single person who sets foot in a healthcare setting from now on is sadly entering a high risk environment. Please try to appreciate that we are doing this to keep you safe.
  • During these challenging times we will do our very best to assess those most at risk. This will most likely be a telephone call or a video consultation.
  • Please bear with us while we all try to work through this.
    • Thank you